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Contact: Martyn Green
From Easter to the end of October, we trade at Brixham Arts and Craft market, down at the harbour opposite Brixham Bait and Tackle.
We do have holidays though so, every year, we list when we are not going to be there.

This year, we will be there every remaining Saturday until 22nd October 2016. The market is on the following Saturday but we won't be there due to other commitments.

Sometimes, on rare occasions, the market is cancelled but you can check this with me on my mobile - 07704 602180.
Because we have got a bit more space at this market, we can take along some of our larger ornaments. If you want such items, you can always give us a ring and we will bring them along to this market or, for people living in the Totnes and Torbay area, we can even arrange delivery.
The shop is based in Ellacombe and their telephone number is (01803) 323270. You can go to their website via the link at the top of this column.
Martyn and Julie Green
All of Martyn's sculptures and poems are protected by copyright laws.

No permission to make copies is ever given and we will prosecute any infringement of our rights to the fullest extent possible.

Purchase of an ornament does NOT include the right to make moulds and copies from it.
2015: Martyn Green
Takes place the second and fourth Sundays in the month from Easter through to October. We always attend if it's on.
We can arrange delivery of our larger items in the Totnes and Torbay area. This will cost no more than a maximum of 10.
Also sells our items, keeping a selection of our ornaments on an all year round display.
Every winter, Martyn sculpts more ornaments to add to our range. These are only available from us and we would be grateful for any information relating to infringement of our copyright.
Personalised Poetry
Framed Picture and Poem
If you would like Martyn to personalise a poem for you, perhaps as a gift, you will need to send us a picture and a bit of information about your chosen subject, be it a pet, loved one or garden.
By Email (Click here)
By Telephone: 07704 602180
Brixham Farmers Market
(2nd Sunday of month)
and Brixham Art and Craft Market (Both Seasonal)
VIEW our range.
VIEW our range.
Personalised Poetry
Brixham Art and Craft Market
Brixham Farmers Market
Some items will need two people to lift them though, like this trough.
Link to Rosebuds, a florists at Ellacombe
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